1. Terms & Conditions

All postings may experience an audit cycle and the endorsement of a posting will be at the carefulness of Progressive Auto Sports. Imminent purchasers will see pictures after they are affirmed. Rest of the subtleties will be noticeable right away after Ad goes live.

An individual client can list just two vehicles as a component of the free postings. In the event that client needs to transfer a third vehicle, he should erase one of the current live vehicles from Progressive Auto Sports.

As a Seller, you affirm that all data given by you against your recorded vehicle is valid.

Vender is distant from everyone else liable for finishing and confirmation of the documentation part, prior to closing the deal. Any deal closed with respect to the Seller will be the sole obligation of the Seller.

2. Kindly Note:

(“Progressive Auto Sports”) and is open just to people or private gathering dealers who list their vehicle available to be purchased on Progressive Auto Sports. Vendors, representatives, or those people who exchange vehicles are not qualified.

Progressive Auto Sports maintains whatever authority is needed to pull out or potentially adjust any or the entirety of the terms and states of the arrangement whenever without earlier notification.

You approve Progressiveauto sports.in to call or SMS you regarding your vehicle Advertisement.

Any contest emerging out of or regarding this plan will be dependent upon the select ward of the courts in Delhi as it were. The presence of a question, assuming any, will not establish a case against Progressive Auto Sports.

Any person, who records his/her vehicle on Progressive Auto Sports profiting the arrangement, acknowledges the Terms and Conditions determined above altogether.

The client won’t mishandle or abuse the site or participate in any action which disregards the conditions of this Agreement. In any such case, Progressive Auto Sports may suspend the client’s account or for all time suspend him/her from getting to the Website.